Midwest Astrochemistry Meeting 2009

BILL WATSON MEMORIAL SESSION - Bill Watson's Unusual Career Path to the Beginning of Modern Astrochemistry
L. Snyder (Univ of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
BILL WATSON MEMORIAL SESSION - Watson and the Polarization of InterStellar Molecular Lines
R. Crutcher (Univ of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
BILL WATSON MEMORIAL SESSION - Bill Watson - An Appreciation
E. Herbst (Ohio State Univ)
INVITED TALK - The Role of Structural Isomers and Resonance- Stabilized Radicals in Photochemical Pathways to Fused-Ring Aromatics in Titan's Atmosphere
J. A. Sebree and T. S. Zwier (Purdue Univ)
A Search for Interstellar Urea with CARMA and the IRAM 30 m
H.-L. Kuo (Univ of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), L. E. Snyder, D. N. Friedel, L. W. Looney, B. J. McCall, A. J. Remijan, F. J. Lovas, and J. M. Hollis
β-Aminoacrylamide. Ab initio study of a Fluxional Diamine with Nonlocal Anharmonicities and Extremely-Low-Barrier Double-Wells
R. Glaser (Univ of Missouri, Columbia), Y. Liu, W. Wycoff, and S. Montgomery-Smith
Quantum Chemical Studies of Ice-Bound Reactions of Carbonyl-Containing Species (Formaldehyde, Acetaldehyde, and Acetone) with Ammonia
L. Chen (Univ of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) and D. E. Woon
Long-Range Transition State Theory at Low Temperatures
Y. Georgievskii (Argonne National Lab) and S. J. Klippenstein
Utilizing N2H+ to Probe Protostellar Envelopes: the case of L1157
H.-F. Chiang (Univ of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), L. W. Looney, J. J. Tobin, and L. Hartmann
Simulating Dust in Protoplanetary Disks
D. A. Tilley (Notre Dame Univ), D. S. Balsara, T. Rettig, and S. Brittain
SCRIBES: Sensitive, Cooled, Resolved Ion-BEam Spectroscopy
H. Kreckel (Univ of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), A. A. Mills, M. Perera, B. M. Siller, K. N. Crabtree, C. A. Kauffman, and B. J. McCall
Mid-Infrared Continuous Wave Cavity Ringdown Spectrometer for Acquisition of the High-Resolution Spectrum of C60
B. E. Brumfield, J. Stewart (Univ of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), and B. J. McCall
Studies on the Bergman Cyclization and Cyclobutadienes
J. L. Menke, A. M. Nolan, K. Windsor (Univ of Wisconsin, Madison), B. J. Esselman, and R. J. McMahon
Thermal Processing of CO2 Ice Around Massive Young Stellar Objects in the LMC
J. P. Seale (Univ of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), L. W. Looney, R. Chen, Y.-H. Chu, and R. A. Gruendl
Synthesis and Spectroscopy of Highly-Unsaturated Carbon Chain Molecules: Species of Relevance to the Interstellar Medium
C. J. Shaffer, N. J. Burrmann (Univ of Wisconsin, Madison), and R. J. McMahon
Ultraviolet Transitions in C2
Y. Sheffer, R. Hupe, and S. R. Federman (Univ of Toledo)
The Performance of a Continuous Supersonic Expansion Discharge Source
C. A. Kauffman (Univ of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), K. N. Crabtree, and B. J. McCall
DIBSyrch: The Diffuse Interstellar Band Synchrotron Radiation Carrier Hunt: Napththalene Clusters
M. H. Stockett (Univ of Wisconsin, Madison), M. P. Woon, and J. E. Lawler
Chemistry in the Molecular Disks of Active Galactic Nuclei
N. Harada (Ohio State Univ) and E. Herbst
The Effect of the YSO Environment and Evolutionary Status on Volatile Composition in the Rho Ophiuchi Region
K. A. Wojtkowski (SCHOOL), E. L. Gibb, and S. S. Shennoy
A Hybrid Approach of Rate Equations and Moment Equations to Treat Gas-Grain Chemistry for Large Reaction Networks
Y. Pei (Ohio State Univ) and E. Herbst
Probing Massive Protocluster-forming Cores around IRAS 05345+3157
K. I. Lee (Univ of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), L. W. Looney, R. Klein, and S. Wang
Millimeter-wave Rotational Spectroscopy of Pyridine (C5H5N), Pyridazine (C4H4N2), and Their Discharge Products with Efforts toward Phenyl Radical (C6H5), ortho-Benzyne (o-C6H4), Protonated Benzene (C6H7+)
B. J. Esselman, B. K. Amberger (Univ of Wisconsin, Madison), M. A. Daane, R. C. Woods, and R. J. McMahon
Properties and Structural Isomers of Hydronaphthyl Resonance-Stabilized Radicals and Their Role in the Formations of PAHs in Titan's Atmosphere
J. A. Sebree (Purdue Univ) and T. S. Zwier
The Chemical Evolution of Cores within Dark Infrared Clouds
E. T. Chambers (Northwestern Univ), J. M. Jackson, S. C. Finn, J. M. Rathborne, and R. Simon
A Unified Monte Carlo Treatment of Gas-Grain Chemistry in Clouds and Disks
A. I. Vasyunin (Max Planck Inst of Astronomy), R. T. Garrod, D. S. Wiebe, D. A. Semenov, and Th. Henning
Quantum Chemical Predictions of Dipole Moments and Dipole Polarizabilities for Known and Postulated Astromolecules
D. E. Woon (Univ of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) and E. Herbst
CARMA Mapping of CN, C18O, N2H+, HCN, and HCO+ toward W3OH
N. Hakobian (Univ of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Updated 10 November 2009