The field of astrochemistry owes its strength to the diversity of people who contribute to it, which includes astronomers, chemists, and physicists who perform in the roles of observers, experimentalists, and theorists and study phenomena that occur across the wide range of astrophysical environments. Astrochemistry exemplifies the value of interdisciplinary scientific collaboration while subject to the challenge of communicating between disparate specialties.

The mission of the Midwest Astrochemistry Consortium (MWAC) is to promote the advancement of astrochemistry in our region through collaboration and communication, through mutual support of those who contribute to the field at all stages of their careers, and through outreach to the broader scientific and public communities.

Our objectives are to:

* foster communication between the contributors to astrochemistry across the range of disciplines, interests, and geographical location in order to increase interdisciplinary interdependence and establish new collaborations aimed at tackling the most challenging problems in the field.

* provide undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral associates in the region with regular opportunities to interact with contributors to astrochemistry from other institutions.

* implement a support network for early career astrochemists to assist them in advancing their careers and pursuing academic positions.

* promote awareness of the field of astrochemistry within chemistry, astronomy, and other academic departments as well as to the general public.